T5. Fuzzy Temporal Reasoning

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Marco Falda, Massimiliano Giacomin


This tutorial aims at providing a survey of temporal constraint-based formalisms that can model uncertain information. In the first part a review of the existing formalisms will be presented and the typology of imperfect information will be discussed, with a special attention to Fuzzy Logic and Possibility Theory. The second part of the tutorial will consider the problem of generalizing specific instances of the Constraint Satisfaction Problem framework (CSP), such as temporal reasoning formalisms, in order to handle fuzzy constraints. In particular, standing at a high level of abstraction it will be shown that several definitions and results handling in the crisp context can be directly generalized to the fuzzy case. In the third part we will discuss how qualitative and metric temporal information can be integrated together. Some examples of application in the field of temporal reasoning will then be provided, considering in particular the qualitative algebra IAfuz which extends Allen's Interval Algebra.

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